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Who Is Zanda Zakuza

Zanda’s love for music and her determination to become a successful musical powerhouse saw her entering into a contract with Open Mic Productions. This is a music producing company that is owned by Molau Rammala. To date, she is still signed with the company. Her work with Open Mic Productions allowed her to meet and work with different artists across the country. So far, she is proud to have rubbed shoulders and worked with Prince Kaybee, DJ Tira and the celebrated Doc Shebeleza.

Music Collabo

zanda zakuza 1

Master KG

Producer and Musician
zanda zakuza 10

Prince Kaybee

Musician, Disc Jockey and Director
dj tira zanda zakuza

DJ Tira

DJ, Producer and Artist
dj bongo beats

DJ Bongo Beats

Dj, Producer, Creator