ATK Music and DJ Jaivane’s Simnandi Records topping the meteoric rise of AmaPiano

It is clear to anyone who has been keeping an eye on South Africa’s music scene since Covid-19 happened that 2020 is a big year for emerging Amapiano trio, ATK music. Working with the versatile vocalist Tman Express and the famous DJ Jaivane of Simnandi Records, the team is extending its reach beyond South Africa and topping the charts during the lockdown period.

ATK is an abbreviation for the trio’s names, which, in respective form are – Amu Classic Mnisi (DJ Classic), Kappie (Linda Sibata), and Thuske (Thulani Mashinini).

From left to right: Thuske, Kappie and DJ Classic (seated) Image: Simnandi Records FB

From being bedroom producers with limited resources, ATK music spread from phone to phone faster than anyone expected; by early 2020, you couldn’t walk through the streets of South Africa without hearing the trio and Tman Express’ sunny melodies seeping into the air from car windows and phone speakers.

The trio’s popularity in the music scene has something to do with its well-established relationship with Tman Express and Simnandi Records. Their sound is somewhat, though not entirely, influenced by DJ Jaivane—a midtempo, lyrically rich brew of Afro, Township flavour, and house that forms what we know as ”the ATK touch”.

DJ Jaivane Image: Simnandi Records FB

Tman Express’s popular contributions to ATK’s hit songs is the song “Ok’Salayo”, which is well on its way to grabbing ”Best Newcomer” from the SAMA’s. Dubbed Amapiano’s ‘Jesus’ (since he’s ressurecting the genre from a possible extinction during Covid-19), has shared his vocals on numerous tracks with ATK music and DJ Jaivane and best believe it when we say every track topped the charts.

Tsiliso Tman Express Molokoli
Image: Simnandi Records FB

Below is one of the hit tracks ”Siyaqhalaza” released by ATK music and Simnandi Records ft Tman Express for your listening pleasure.

Another track to whet your appetite is Ok’salayo below:

Main Image: Simnandi Records FB

Published at Sun, 05 Jul 2020 12:32:54 +0000