Kenny Kunene’s rap career takes off with Covid-19 track

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the reformed ‘Sushi King’ Kenny Kunene and now you might be hearing from him in a whole new way.Also Read: Kunene Launches Uber Rival

The business tycoon, Kenny Kunene posted a video on social media recording a rap song about the coronavirus and of course, social media users and celebrities were in stitches after listening to the ‘Sushi King’ rap- who knew?

We’re not sure what sparked the inspiration to share this rap with Mzansi but it’s most likely because boredom struck the business during the lockdown.

The Sushi King posted a video of himself in a recording studio while lacing a “positive” verse about how to stay safe from COVID-19.

In the song, Kenny asks South Africans to quarantine, wash their hands, stay at home and to practise social distancing.

But Kenny’s “positive” song has attracted a lot of LOL’s on social media.

Social media users were in stitches after analysing Kenny’s lyrical content and delivery in the song.

Even the likes of Khanyi Mbau and DJ Zinhle had to comment on the video. To be honest, we have to give it up to the Sushi King for at least lightening the load from this crazy time.

Main Image: Youtube

Published at Wed, 08 Apr 2020 10:03:06 +0000