1. Hair To Toes ft Bongo Beats1:30
  2. Mbizana ft Dr Moruti]1:30
  3. Wadika ft Dr Moruti1:30
  4. Amazo ft Dr Moruti1:30
  5. Ngiphe ft Doc Shebeleza1:46
  6. Lilo ft Spirit Banger1:30
  7. Hamba ft Bongo Beats1:30
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Synthia (The Journey)

Artist :
Title : Synthia (The Journey)
Release Date : June 27, 2019
Format : Digital Download

Zanda Zakuza offers her debut album called Synthia The Journey, named after her mother Cynthia. An album that speaks of her journey, trials and tribulations in the music industry. Announcing her arrival and cementing in her position in this 12 track album, she worked with the likes of Doc Shebeleza, Dr Moruti, Bongo Beats, Spirit Banger and many more.