[WATCH] Rebecaa Malope sings Tellaman’s ‘Whipped’

The lockdown blues are a real thing but as a country, we need to officially thank Dr Rebecca Malope for being able to make us laugh together.

The iconic gospel singer went into uncharted territory recently when she agreed to cover Tellaman’s hit single, “Whipped”.

The R&B song, which features Shekhinah and Nasty C was one of 2019’s biggest tracks and has been nominated for the Record of the Year category at the upcoming SA Music Awards.

Meeting in the studio together, Rebecca said that she was “ready to do the things”.

“My style of music is traditional gospel music. I have never sung R&B before”, she said.

While having a conversation with Tellaman, the award-winning singer asked him to tell her more about the song.

Rebecca Malope cracks the net with her version of Tellaman's ...

“When I was working on an album I just went back on my PC to check on the ideas that I had and I bumped into this song. I felt like I related to the song at that time because of what I was going through at the time, but it’s a song that speaks about love and just being happy”, said Tellaman.

Once Rebecca gets in front of the microphone and messes up the first line, she shouts her iconic line “Hallelujah bazalwane in the name of Jesus”.

“When I listen to his songs I am like ‘Oh my God am I going to be able to do this one’”, said Rebecca while giggling.

The award-winning singer goes on to sing Whipped and of course, adds her unique flair to it, much to the delight of Tellaman who said she “killed it”.

Watch the full video below:

Main Image: East Coast Radio

Published at Wed, 22 Jul 2020 14:41:12 +0000